We support successful entrepreneurs
Consumer/Lifestyle industries through technology.

  • #1 We are an Italy based, pan-European focused Venture Growth firm.
  • #2 We focus on Lifestyle-tech business models and verticals, which we master and where we can add concrete value through
expertise and global networks
  • #3 Our team combines strong sectoral and digital experience, investment track record, global relationship and know-how and company building skills. We are entrepreneurs turned investors, and we put that background at work for the entrepreneurs we partner up with
  • #4 We focus on the digitalisation in consumer: either through bringing experience and capital to new brands born in the digital age or bringing digital knowledge in marketing and expansion to old established brands: Development / Growth capital
  • #5 We are partners to our entrepreneurs. Our daily focus is to support companies we invest in by fast-tracking them through expertise, network, strategic thinking and continuous, positive challenge. We want to invest in people we can rely upon, we can work with effectively and trust completely
  • #6 We are an ambitious venture ourselves: our aim is to become one the reference point in VC for lifestyle businesses worldwide, giving smart investors access to the best opportunities in the sector
  • #7 We start from Milano, the cradle of fashion, food and design, and for us Milano is a statement: innovation, legacy, standing, excellence. Those words define the city we start from, the entrepreneurs we invest in, and ultimately us.